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Brakes v Breaks! LOVE!

This is always such a fun podcast to listen to. Love the insight and stories that are shared as real life examples of issues that we're all dealing with in the workplace. Thanks for the practical advice and thoughtfulness.


Great podcast, always love the perspectives!

Truly the best podcast!

Loving this podcast — and my favorite is Jodi. :) I find myself digging in deep into these conversations in all the right ways. Thanks guys! Love your podcast!

Ep. 43 was a hit!

I love the dynamic between hosts. The use of metaphors makes it easy to follow and learn!

Interesting discussion

I listend to episode "When words go awry" and I'm so glad I started with this episode. Its light-hearted and funny without deviating from the topic that language is tricky! The flow of the conversation was pretty steady and the hosts had good chemistry.

More than just a good conversation

Great conversation podcast hosted by two fun people. Jodi's wit and Eliot's charm make for a fun combo no matter the topic. Even though this is targeted at entrepreneurs it does feature a lot of great life lessons.

Great listen!

Wow, the convo about paying attention to your use of words and how they mean different things to different people is enlightening. Thanks!


"If you're having that much trouble deciding, it probably doesn't matter" I suffer from overthinking mainly when its between close things. I'm gonna be using this mantra from now on.

Great advice!

Listen to this podcast if you have a business, are thinking about starting a business, or just like cool talk, in general. I think their advice can help out in other situations as well.


I just stumbled upon this podcast today and the first episode I listened to was episode 27, "Patre-OFF". I was intrigued, so I started listening to the rest of the episodes, beginning with episode 1. I love the fun, relaxed manner of this podcast and the fact that it causes me to think. You tell wonderful stories and ask great questions. Well done! Thank you!

Real Business Wisdom

Jodi and Elliot tell interesting stories and masterfully relate these delightful tales to what really matters and what makes a practical and significant difference in business, leadership and life. That's why I'm listening to all the episodes.

Sound advice served with humor

This is a fantastic podcast. It's for anyone who is in business or in the business of dealing with people, such as parenting or teaching. In other words, it's for everyone. The hosts are smart, funny, humble and wise. They have the BEST analogies, metaphors, saying and stories. And a wonderful rapport that is genuine and honest. I've been binging during my commute and it never fails to deliver. My only regret is now that I've caught up, I'm impatient for the next episode.

Blatherers have feelings too

I wish Jodi and Eliot had been around in my last career managing lots of people for a big company with lots of tentacles. They give me really useful food for thought and in a way that makes me laugh and makes me want to run right out and apply what I've just learned. So glad there's finally a realy world guide that's taught in real world language.

Stories You Can Relate To

Enjoying the new podcast and hosts Jody & Elliot's down to earth approach. Stories you can really relate to and the kind usually only aired over a couple of drinks with business buddies. Very applicable, practical, and relatable. Excellent audio production also.

Makes Business Challenges Relatable

Thoroughly enjoying the approach to the podcasts. Makes business challenges relatable to owners/executives/entrepreneurs. As a bonus, the podcasts have been very enjoyable to listen to.

Do you want to be better?

You're probably listening to this podcast because you want to be a better business person. Jodi and Eliot will get you there... but you'll also become a better leader, and somewhere along the way you'll realize you became a better person, too. Jodi asks questions that prompt Eliot into really meaningful stories, and then picks parts out to make them applicable to real life business situations.

One of the best business podcasts

Eliot and Jodi are FANTASTIC! I love listening to their stories, because while they not only highlight the things we normally don't like talking about, they give real purpose as to why that makes them so important. They make the show enjoyable to listen to, and add fun into the topic. I will be subscribing for sure.