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Ep175: Finding the Path of Least Resistance

Rant alert! In this episode, we talk about the frustrating ways that businesses make it hard for us to give them our money, and the importance of keeping things easy and keeping the customer in mind.  Why is that important for business? ...

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Ep175: Finding the Path of Least Resistance

Oct. 27, 2020

Rant alert! In this episode, we talk about the frustrating ways that businesses make it hard for us…

Ep174: A Lesson in Creativity from a Dictator

Oct. 20, 2020

We cheat on our own podcast for a story this week, as we talk about This American Life, North Korea…

Ep173: Assumptions at The Drive-Thru Window

Oct. 13, 2020

Ever written a whole story based on a flash of behaviour from someone else? In a twist of irony, in…

Ep172: Navigating Negative Feedback

Oct. 6, 2020

Received some negative feedback? Before you react or internalize the feedback, we have a few things…

Ep171: BLM & Your Business

Sept. 29, 2020

You get an email from a customer demanding you fire an employee for something you don’t think is wr…

Ep170: The Art of Pruning for Growth...

Sept. 22, 2020

A tomato failing to ripen because it is stuck in a bramble of unpruned branches doesn’t sound like …

About the Hosts

Eliot Wagonheim

With more than 30 years of experience as general counsel for small to mid-sized businesses, Eliot has built a successful law practice by exceptional client service, a track record of success in persuading judges and juries, negotiating acquisitions, crafting contracts, writing HR policies and publishing within the legal field. His work has earned him numerous industry accolades and a reputation as a pre-eminent business attorney. Over the years, Eliot has honed his craft not only as a lawyer and litigator but as a teacher, writer, speaker, and facilitator.

Eliot works with organizations and individuals in three ways: through his law practice, teaching online in over 100+ countries through webinars, workshops, and Master Classes, and speaking ― virtually and in-person. When not taking the world by storm through these various engagements, Eliot teaches public speaking at Towson University for the sole purpose of speaking to 20-year-olds he is not responsible for raising.

Jodi Hume

After a 15-year career as COO of a growing architecture firm, Jodi Hume shifted gears and made a name for herself over the last decade providing on-call decision support and facilitated leadership conversations for startup founders and entrepreneurs throughout North America, Europe and Australia.

While Jodi works 1:1 with a small number of clients, she also convenes roundtable conversations for leaders, and each week, she co-hosts “So, Here’s My Story…” -- a podcast built from real, honest, business stories with poignant take-aways and plenty of humor. You can also find her at the mic as lead singer of her band, The Wafflers – and if you ask nicely, she might tell you about the time she one 1st place in a Truck Pull.



"Great podcast, always love the perspectives!"

By Poddcaster on May 14, 2020 via Apple Podcasts

Truly the best podcast!

"Loving this podcast — and my favorite is Jodi. :) I find myself digging in deep into these conversations in all the right ways. Thanks guys! Love you…"

By chelseaberler on May 2, 2018 via Apple Podcasts

More than just a good conversation

"Great conversation podcast hosted by two fun people. Jodi's wit and Eliot's charm make for a fun combo no matter the topic. Even though this is targe…"

By punkyspiderman on April 5, 2018 via Apple Podcasts


""If you're having that much trouble deciding, it probably doesn't matter" I suffer from overthinking mainly when its between close things. I'm gonna …"

By jotapon on April 3, 2018 via Apple Podcasts


"I just stumbled upon this podcast today and the first episode I listened to was episode 27, "Patre-OFF". I was intrigued, so I started listening to t…"

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